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Lisbon and the best Beaches You need to Visit

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Summer means that Lisbon's weather is undoubtedly great. With summer temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, there is no better place to be than at one of the fantastic beaches in and near the Lisbon region. We are fortunate to have easy access to coastal sceneries and long sand bars due to our location near the Tejo river and the Atlantic ocean. which are all ideal for you and your loved ones' summer getaways. The Best Beaches Near Lisbon are selected because of this. Among the beaches around Lisbon that we highlighted were the Best Beach for Families, Best Beach for Surfing, Best Beach for Nature Lovers, Best Hidden Beach, Most Stylish Beach, and Most Popular Beach.

The following is a list of accessible beaches close to Lisbon:

Guincho Beach - The best beach for Kitesurfing & Surfing

Lisbon Beach

Guincho Beach, which is between the cities of Cascais and Sintra, is known for being an adventurous place. A lot of people flock here to practice advanced windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing! Strong winds are a characteristic of the beach due to its exposure to the Atlantic Ocean, making it perfect for thrill-seekers. Sand dunes and steep cliffs in Guincho's terrain give it the appearance of a picture-postcard landscape.

Costa da Caparica - perfect for Families

Lisbon Beach

After leaving Lisbon and crossing the Tagus River, continue south of the Almada municipality until you reach the Costa da Caparica, a 15-kilometer stretch of stunning coastline. Caparica has enough of beaches to satisfy your summertime needs, offering beaches for all kinds of beachgoers, surfers, and other water sport enthusiasts. You'll leave the beaches of Sao Joo, Praia do Castelo, Praia da Rainha, and Praia de Sade with a fantastic tan that will make the rest of the town jealous. As you approach Caparica's finish, the beaches grow ever more stunning. Please remember to pack your sunscreen!

Sesimbra - Visit the best beaches on Southern Peninsula

Lisbon Beach

As you travel further down the peninsula, you'll pass Sesimbra, Setbal, the Troia Peninsula, and the extraordinarily long Comporta Beach at the southern tip. This area of Portugal is little under two hours from Lisbon and is surrounded by lengthy, fine-sand beaches with calm waves that are ideal for summer holidays and even weekend getaways. Real estate development is increasing its popularity as a result of the increased interest in it. This area is made even more unique by its proximity to the Sado Estuary National Reserve, which is bordered by pine trees and wildlife.

Arrábida Beaches - Nature pure

Lisbon Beach

This was once kept a secret in Portugal, but not anymore. The website Best European Destinations picked the Galapos Beach in Serra da Arrábida as the best beach in Europe in 2017. It makes sense considering that this beach has the calmest waves, most picturesque views of a paradise, a peaceful atmosphere, and is ideal for nature lovers and romantic getaways. You can fully enjoy the natural surroundings by trekking and visiting the coast because it is also surrounded by the Arrábida Natural Park.

Praia da Ursa - Secret Place needed?

Lisbon Beach

A short stroll will take you to this breathtaking beach with rock formations that is ideal for your Instagram photo once you have reached Cabo da Roca, which is the westernmost point of the European continent. Even now, Praia da Ursa is immaculately conserved and ranked among the world's most stunning beaches by the Michelin Guide. Just take caution when hiking all the way down, as you'll have to cross a rocky route to get to this breathtaking beach.

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Praia do Meco

Lisbon Beach

This magnificent location is a long, expansive beach south of Lisbon, immediately following Caparica. Everyone has plenty of room, so being around is still fairly nice. If you're like naturism, this lengthy beach is near the Serra da Arrábida natural park and is also well-liked by the nudist crowd in some areas. Try the incredible "argil" green mud for skin exfoliation, and after that go to Bar do Peixe for a wonderful seafood supper.

Estoril - A real James Bond Beach

Lisbon Beach

For a more upscale experience, travel to Estoril and unwind at the chic Praia do Tamariz, where the Portuguese Riviera meets the southern French Mediterranean. The appearance of this resort town, the eateries, patio bars, cafes, and the immaculate, scenic beachfront promenade all indicate that the wealthy frequent this beach. For added leisure, there is even an Atlantic pool.

Praia do Carcavelos - The most popular Lisbon Beach

Lisbon Beach

Praia do Carcavelos, a 1.25km-long length of sand, is the next beach, and it's arguably the most well-known one close to Lisbon. Surfers and beachgoers alike frequent it because it provides excellent ocean wave conditions appropriate for surfing, bodyboarding, or kitesurfing. Volleyball and other beach sports are also popular there. In addition to being big and roomy, the area has a great pedestrianized walkway with lots of eateries, cafes, stores, restrooms, and showers. Since there are few surfing schools in this area that welcome beginners, you can even bring your family. It will be a wonderful family outing.

Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras - Perfect place to be

Lisbon Beach

You can take the train from Cais do Sodre or Santos and travel past many beaches as you make your way towards Cascais along the Lisbon coast. Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras, which can be reached in less than 20 minutes by train (Santo Amaro), is the nearest beach that we can suggest. The sandy slopes on this 700-meter-long beach make it ideal for swimming. The beach is well-equipped with a few beach bars and cafes, accessible restrooms, and showers. It is also a favorite activity beach with residents who run along the coastal path.

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