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Discover with us the Best Hotels Italy

Italy is renowned for producing works of art and architecture that consistently redefine standards in the fields of fashion and gastronomy. Italy has it all: breathtaking monuments around every turn, breathtaking views of the countryside, ski slopes, and heavenly lakes. You'll also notice different characteristics in every region of a country called "The Boot" due to its unique outline. The Italian Riviera, which includes the Ligurian treasures of Portofino and Cinque Terre, is located in the northwest. Experience world-class skiing in the Alps, designer shopping in Milan's fashion district, or the lovely coastlines of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. 

Travel northeast to see Venice, the floating city with its opulent St. Mark's Square and magnificent canal system. Rome's former capital is a vast outdoor museum with ruins that appear everywhere you look. Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, and Pisa, with its famous leaning tower, both boast breathtaking architecture. Spend some time admiring the rolling green hills, vineyards, and tiny medieval villages that may be found outside the city. Italy has a whole different face in the south. 

Encircled by the glittering Mediterranean and with an abundance of hiking routes, the rustic islands of Sardinia and Sicily are dwarfed by Mount Vesuvius, which towers over Naples and the once-thriving Roman city of Pompeii. Italy's lodging options are as varied as its regions. In the more rural parts, there are ski chalets, campgrounds, and even boats. In the cities, there are hotels, hostels, guest houses, and flats.

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