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The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza You should not miss

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The White Isle is renowned for its hedonistic lifestyle, spirituality, and bohemian style. But it also features a staggering amount of breathtaking beaches, from idyllic small coves of white sand to wild and untamed bays. Here are the locations of Ibiza's top beaches. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do:

Cala Saladeta

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Once you see the breathtaking crystalline ocean lapping the pink-gold sand, the perilous trek over slick rocks to get to Cala Saladeta is quickly forgotten. Decide where you want to sit amid the mostly older audience and wait for the mojito to arrive. For a quick €5, freshly made in a plastic cup on the beach. Perfect start into the holiday season.

Cala Gracioneta

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

This well-liked residents' hangout is a wonderful little white-sand cove with some of the most stunning blue seas for swimming in the Balearic Islands. It's ideal for peaceful sunrise swimming at dawn because it's peaceful. The only restaurant on the beach, El Chiringuito, is the setting for a romantic meal at sunset against colourful skies. The Sunset Strip in San Antonio is accessible on foot, yet it's a completely different world.

Aguas Blancas

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

This expansive beach, known as "aguas blancas," is embraced by light blue waters and gentle waves. At daybreak, the beach is illuminated by golden light. In order to avoid the throng and avoid tripping over the naturists, head south of the chiringuito. Even the A-list population may be seen taking off their clothes in Aguas Blancas, one of Ibiza's few designated nudist beaches.


The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

On this northern section of beach, zen-seekers frequently linger. The more secular go to the neighboring boho-chic market for a different kind of therapy on Sundays when hundreds gather for the sunset and an awesome tribal drumming session when fires are lit and spirits are aroused.

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Es Portitxol

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

The trek to Es Portitxol is a voyage through vibrant color, with a trail that winds through pine forests on the side of a high cliff edge with amazing views out to sea. Give yourself an hour to get there and take your time enjoying the descent.

Ses Balandres

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

The trip to Ses Balandres is a true assault course, complete with crooked walkways, a sheer drop down a rockface, and a decrepit stairway that appears to have seen better days. The vistas after you're down are breathtaking, and the explorer in you will enjoy the challenge. Wear your sneakers.

Cala Vadella

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

The approach to this serene bay is typified by winding roads across hills covered in pine trees. The beach below suddenly comes into view as you climb the last promontory, its white sand and glittering cerulean water luring you in.


The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

This beautiful stretch of beach is surrounded by a number of prestigious restaurants and is only a 15-minute stroll from Ibiza Town. Since Talamanca is a favorite beach of the island's club danceibizars, it's also great for people-watching.

Cala Llonga

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

One of the best beaches in Ibiza for families, its deep-set arc of soft sand meets safe, shallow waves. It's packed with things to do to keep little ones occupied all day long so you can relax and enjoy the picture-postcard views. and the drinks.

Es Cavallet

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Es Cavallet is all about pomp, posturing, and maximizing tans. It is framed by dunes and has a craggy shoreline to match the torsos that adorn it. To experience a mix of sexualities and nude bodies, travel south. The oiled-up and sun-dried gather at Chiringay.

Pou des Lleó

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Although a favorite among residents, this beautiful small bay is nevertheless kept a secret from those who aren't regulars. Due to the distinctive wooden fishermen's huts that surround it, it always exudes an old-world charm even in the height of tourist season.

Cala Gracio

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Cala Gracio, the biggest of two coves on a small bay near San Antonio, is a beach that is good for families with white sands, calm waves, and fishing cottages. The beach serves as a starting point for a number of coastal treks where guests may take in expansive views of the Balearic Sea. Visit the nearby bay and relax on the Cala Gracioneta beach before enjoying a meal at the wonderful El Chiringuito restaurant.

Cap des Falcó

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Cap des Falcó, favored by affluent sybarites who wouldn't step foot on San Antonio's Sunset Strip, is the discerning option for lovers of dusk. The glass-still salt flats of Ses Salines and the gently crashing Med both encircle this enormous expanse of white pebbles and rocks. The Experimental Beach cocktail bar is also located there, so after getting wasted with sundowners, jump off the moving jetty for some salty recuperation.

Las Salinas

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Las Salinas, regarded as one of Ibiza's greatest beaches, is frequented by a large group of attractive young people, who are especially abundant when the music picks up at one of the lively beach bars. Those who have been up all night prefer Jockey Club for breakfast (of course), while Sa Trinxa's parties are a hedonist's paradise.

Cala Carbó

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

This idyllic cove on the south-west coast is built on translucent water and stones in tones of fawn, oyster, and cinnamon, but it's the laid-back atmosphere that attracts locals. There's no rush here, so bring a nice book and relax on sunbeds stuffed with mattresses under rakish raffia parasols before enjoying pans of delectable paella and ice-cold rosé.

Cala Xarraca

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

A pine forest and crumbling roads surround a secluded cove, where it is delight to cool off in the irridescent topaz water on hot days. Before venturing out to find the naturally occurring mud baths that are to the right of the main beach, explore the underwater world. No cost facials!

San Miguel

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

On the surface, San Miguel is just a popular area for carefree seaside lounging—a soft, sandy harbor with crystal-clear shallows ideal for young children to bounce around in. But if you circle around to the left of the main beach along the rickety cliffside road, you'll find Utopia, one of the island's most endearing chiringuitos. Come here to enjoy eating sardines that have just been cooked while relaxing on basic waterside loungers. This is the pinnacle of Barefoot Ibiza.

Cala Mastella

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

El Bigotes is located in this quaint coastal enclave, and legend has it that the King of Spain was once pushed away because he hadn't made a reservation. You can enjoy freshly caught, grilled fish here at noon, but even royalty needs to make reservations.

Cala Conta & Cala Bassa

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Two of Ibiza's most well-known beaches are the neighboring bays Conta and Bassa, and for good reason—the water is gin-clear and has a soft aqua shimmer, and the sand is fine and white. Arrive by boat and pass by the numerous little islets that dot the coastline. They are wonderful beaches for those without cars and for those who enjoy a party atmosphere. In the summer, they are very popular because they are so accessible from San Antonio (across the Bay on a ferry), so go early to beat the crowds and stay until sunset.

Sol d’en Serra

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

There aren't many beaches that sing as loudly at night as they do during the day, but Sol d'en Serra is one of them. This lonely, shingly cove is even more alluring at dusk. Amante, a restaurant carved into the lit-up, soaring cliffs, is the perfect place to experience its subtle alchemy. Here, in the swirling light of moon legerdemain, time slips away as you look out at a pitch-black sea that shimmers like a silver-crested blanket.

Punta Galera

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Although there is no sand here ('punta galera' meaning 'flat rocks'), islanders nevertheless regard this as one of the best beaches in Ibiza because to its spiritual ambiance, enjoyable cliff-jumping during the day, and breathtaking sunset views. As the day draws to a close, the imposing cliffs glow burned ochre, and they make excellent viewing vantage points for the colorful sky. Bring a yoga mat for some downward dogs in the open air since sun salutations at dusk are usual.

Cala d'Hort

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

Es Vedrà, the mysterious rock that protrudes abruptly out of the water near the island's southwest edge, is as much of an Ibiza legend as Carl Cox. It is said to be the third most magnetic location on earth. The finest place to see it is from Cala d'Hort, and the tiny beach is particularly popular for its stunning golden sand and the outstanding seafood served at nearby clifftop restaurant Es Boldado.

Cala Jondal - last of the 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

The 23 Best Beaches Ibiza

The conker-colored bobos who float through interminable summers cruising around the Med enjoy Cala Jondal, and many of its guests arrive by superyacht before being transported to land. Then, if you're at renowned beach club Blue Marlin, days fly by in a hedonistic blur of Champagne and sun. Try one of the many other eateries or chiringuitos that dot the pebbled shore for a more relaxed experience.

Did you enjoyed the 23 Best Beaches Ibiza? Let us know in the comments and enjoy your trip to Ibiza. By the way, if you need more Travel Guides to the best destinations in Europe, check out here.

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