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Discover the Best Hotels Greece

Few nations can compare to Greece's legacy, which makes it arguably one of the world's most rich in history and cultural heritage. Along with being the cradle of democracy, Western philosophy, and the Olympic Games, it also has more than 2,000 islands and more than 14,000 kilometers of coastline. Even while mainland Greece might not be as popular as the well-known archipelagos for vacations, you should nonetheless go exploring. The Acropolis and Ancient Agora are two of the most beautiful landmarks in Athens, the ancient city, while Thessaloniki offers a beachside atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife. 

It's nearly hard to choose just one Greek island to visit, so island hopping is the best option. Whether it's cuisine (Crete), nightlife (Kos, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes), dramatic views (Santorini), or beaches (Zakynthos), each has something unique to offer. Greek food is the best; you can find dishes like feta, fresh seafood, and Ouzo, an aperitif flavored with anise, in every bar and restaurant. Greece offers a wide range of lodging options, including hotels in the middle of the city, private villas, and coastal resorts.

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