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Discover with us the Best Hotels Germany

Great cities with captivating scenery and vibrant architecture may be found throughout Germany, along with quaint half-timbered towns. Berlin, the capital, is characterized by innovation, environmental friendliness, and scenic beauty. Climb the Reichstag's glass dome for expansive city vistas. Modern structures like the Bahn Tower coexist with war-survivor monuments like the famed Brandenburg Gate, which serves as a centerpiece for the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Take a stroll through this historically significant city or rent a bike to take advantage of the various cycling routes that wind through beautiful parks and across the River Spree. 

Munich is well-known in the south for having a strong Bavarian background. If you want to experience the heartbeat of the city, go to Marienplatz. Here, traditional German lager and platters heaped with bratwurst are served in bustling beer gardens like the Hofbräuhaus, which are situated beneath towering medieval buildings. Meanwhile, there's no shortage of classical music, fine art, and urban appeal in places like Hamburg and Cologne. A large, sweeping country of alpine terrain and old, fabled forests lies in between all of this. Discover tranquility in a sleepy village on the shores of Lake Constance, kayak past hillside castles in the Rhine, or trek through the fabled Black Forest. There are various places to stay throughout Germany. 

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