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Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, located on the east coast of the country. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, historic landmarks, and vibrant social scene, with a mix of traditional Irish charm and modern cosmopolitan flair. Some of the city's most popular attractions include Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, the Temple Bar neighborhood, and the Guinness Storehouse.

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Why should you visit Dublin?

Wonderful Past, Greenery, and Bars

Originally established as a Viking settlement, Dublin is home to almost 25% of the population of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin is currently renowned for its literary heritage and possesses the greatest amount of green space of any European capital, making it a true Irish gem. A lot has happened since the Viking era.


At the center of the city's history lies Dublin Castle, and Trinity College is home to the famous Book of Kells, an exquisitely decorated manuscript from around the year 800 AD. The most photographed site in the city is the Ha'penny Bridge, and Molly Malone's statue honors the heroine of Dublin's unofficial hymn


Numerous notable writers, including as Oscar Wilde, William Yeats, Samuel Beckett, and George Bernard Shaw, were born and raised in Dublin. Given its fame as the setting for James Joyce's "Ulysses," the city provides excursions that follow the protagonist's path.


Dublin, one of the youngest cities in Europe, has a lively nightlife culture with a lot of restaurants and pubs that encourage you to remain out late into the morning, including the well-liked Temple Bar neighborhood. offers the ideal accommodation for your Dublin trip, whether you're searching for a chic hotel, a self-catering apartment, or a hip hostel. Dublin Airport is the entry point to your Irish vacation.


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