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Travel Guide Berlin - All you need to know + Sightseeing Berlin

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Berlin is a city of sharp differences. On the one hand, there are constant reminders of its turbulent past. But it's also a contemporary megalopolis, nine times the size of Paris geographically, with intriguing new attractions and a built-in subversiveness. It is a unique destination as a result of this juxtaposition.

Travel Guide Berlin

When visiting Germany's formerly war-torn capital, the main concern for most visitors is how to negotiate the past while existing in the present. It's important to face the darker facets of the city's past. But a trip to Berlin need not be limited to memorials and museums. (However, it bears emphasizing that you should definitely reserve enough time to complete all of that.) Exploration of the modern aspect of the situation is also very important.

Travel Guide Berlin

Berlin, a cultural hotspot with a plethora of galleries and odd installations, turned the remaining fragments of the wall that once separated it into an ongoing outdoor show. With entertainment at its heart, this huge metropolis also has a wild side. There are clubs where everything goes where people party for 48 hours (that's not an exaggeration), hedonistic drinking dens with cabaret acts, and posh speakeasies. Add to that beautiful parks, a booming food scene that has recently won praise abroad, a top-notch zoo, and a hip aesthetic sense with homegrown designers creating a name for themselves on a worldwide scale.

Overwhelmed? That's the impression that Berlin often leaves on visitors. To aid in planning your first (or subsequent) trip, save this Travel Guide Berlin

Time Zone Berlin - Travel Guide Berlin

CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Best Time to Visit Berlin

Travel Guide Berlin

In Berlin, May through October is the busiest travel season. The weather is usually pleasant, making it a great time to stroll around, visit historical buildings, relax in the many green spaces, and eat outside. Due to the less pleasant weather, winter is not the season when most tourists travel.

Travel Guide Berlin

Holiday celebrations, particularly the legendary Christmas markets, are a bright spot in what might otherwise feel like a very long, gloomy few months.

Public Transportation Berlin

Travel Guide Berlin

S-Bahn: The S-Bahn is a system of 15 lines and over 170 stops for suburban train service. The majority of it runs above ground in the city's heart.

Metro bus routes M11 to M85 run continuously. The city core and the suburbs are connected by day bus lines 100 to 399. The day bus and U-Bahn routes that stop running overnight are covered by night buses, which are identified with an N.

U-Bahn: The U-Bahn, or subway system, in Berlin includes a total of 10 lines that stop at 173 stations, making it the most practical and effective method to get around the city. Every five minutes during the day, the recognizable yellow U-Bahn trains depart. They depart every ten minutes at night. Tickets are also valid on the S-Bahn, buses, and trams run by the Transport Association Berlin-Brandenburg VBB.

Trams & Metrotrams: The U-Bahn network extends across the eastern section of Berlin along more than 20 tram lines. Trams and metrotrams operate at different frequencies, with the latter being more frequent.

Travel Guide Berlin

Taxis: We highly recommend using Berlin's excellent public transportation system. However, there are several cabs if you'd prefer to drive.

Bicycles: Thanks to organizations like Nextbike and Donkey Republic, bike sharing is an easy and environmentally beneficial way to move around. While Wheels, Jump, and LimeBike all offer electric bike rentals.

Best Hotels Berlin

All Hotels are Tested and Reviewed by our Team. Lets continue with our Travel Guide Berlin.

Things to Do in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

Travel Guide Berlin

Brandenburg Gate is located one block south of the Reichstag Building. After four decades of Cold War partition, it is regarded as Berlin's most recognizable monument and a shining example of freedom and reunification.

Reichstag Building

Travel Guide Berlin

The Reichstag Building has experienced numerous life, much like so much of Berlin. It now serves as a home for the German parliament. Book a reservation in advance to enter the glass dome, which Sir Norman Foster designed, or simply admire the neo-Baroque building from the outside.

East Side Gallery

Travel Guide Berlin

What was once a sign of conflict is now a testament to the passion and tenacity of the city. The 4,318-foot-long East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain is perched along the Spree River's banks and features a variety of vibrant murals painted on the remaining Berlin Wall fragments. It's a lovely metaphor that is so characteristic of Berlin.

Tempelhofer Feld

Travel Guide Berlin

Tempelhofer Feld, a 355-hectare public park that was once an old airport, embodies Berlin's distinctive fusion of the past and current. While bikini-clad Berliners sunbathe and dogs chase frisbees off the concrete runways where WWII dive-bombers took off, you may stroll, ride, or skate along them.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Travel Guide Berlin

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, created by engineers Buro Happold and architect Peter Eisenman, pays tribute to the Jewish Holocaust victims. It is a wrenchingly poignant and crucial reminder of what occurred and ought to be required to be visited.

Museum Island

Travel Guide Berlin

Five eminent museums are gathered on a small island in the Spree River. Any cultural enthusiast must visit Museum Island, a UNESCO-listed and stunningly designed complex.

Kurfürstendamm - Perfect for your Adventure Travel Guide Berlin

Travel Guide Berlin

High-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton line Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg, which is frequently compared to Paris' Champs-Élysées. It's also an excellent area to window shop if you don't have that amount of money.

Neighborhoods to Know in Berlin

Berlin is divided into 23 neighborhoods (Kiez) that make up its 12 administrative districts (Bezirk).


Travel Guide Berlin

Do you want to remain in the thick of the action? Mitte, which means "middle" in German, is where the city's center is located. This vast borough is bursting at the seams with cafes, restaurants, shops, as well as famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, and Tiergarten. Yet another compelling feature? public transportation. Essentially, Berlin Hauptbahnhof serves as the hub for all train lines.


Travel Guide Berlin

Charlottenburg might be considered Berlin's affluent neighborhood. The clean boulevards are dotted with elegant pre-war structures, five-star hotels, acclaimed restaurants, and fashionable shops. While the magnificent Berggruen Museum showcases an amazing collection of modern art, the stately Charlottenburg Palace features elaborate interiors and meticulously maintained gardens.


Travel Guide Berlin

Bohemian Kreuzberg is frequently compared to Brooklyn, however that comparison is not really fair. In recent months, a flurry of cool pubs and eateries have sprung up quickly. However, a large portion of Kreuzberg still wears its gritty exterior as a badge of honor. A lovely community garden and art exhibit are located on one corner. Turning left will bring you to a street full with graffiti-covered buildings and broken beer bottles that has managed to defy gentrification. And that is the charm of this mysterious, eclectic neighborhood.


Travel Guide Berlin

The lively streets of Neukölln, a multicultural neighborhood renowned for its colorful, cosmopolitan ambiance, are lined with Middle Eastern bakeries, vegan restaurants, bars, breweries, and artists' studios. Visit Heimathafen Neukölln to see a poetry slam and visit the Turkish Market to buy fragrant spices.

Weather in Berlin

Travel Guide Berlin

The spring is when things start to defrost. The temperature rises as the months go forward. Generally speaking, summers are warm. As fall progresses, remember to pack a lightweight jacket and be ready to layer. Expect some clouds, rain, sleet, and snow as winter arrives.

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