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Travel Guide Amsterdam for your Visit with Sightseeing

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Netherlands' capital, Amsterdam, is among the most well-liked travel destinations in all of Europe. The city is well-known for its historical significance, its intricate canal system, and the distinctive style of its small dwellings. Amsterdam has much more to offer than just inexpensive thrills! You can explore the Old Center, Red Light, Dam Square, Grachtengordel, and Museum districts by strolling the sidewalks (on foot or, more frequently, on bicycle).

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Cobblestone streets, historic townhouses, famous canals, and bridges with floral decorations. Amsterdam has plenty of charm and is picture-perfect. It's also one of the uncommon locations that draws history buffs, luxury-minded tourists, romantically inclined couples, and budget travelers equally.

The Dutch city is home to a number of cultural landmarks, like the Anne Frank House and The Concertgebouw, as well as green parks, trendy stores, and a steadfast feeling of the past that happily never goes away. It truly is just a matter of narrowing it down to a select few things when there are world-class museums, bicycle tours, and a bustling cultural scene.

Travel Guide Amsterdam

We wouldn't try to squeeze too much into your afternoon schedule, despite how enticing it is to roam around the charming streets and relax outside at sidewalk cafés.

Time Zone

Central European Time (CET)

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Amsterdam is perhaps best visited in late April. The forecast of pleasant temperatures is ideal for touring the nearby countryside and biking across the city. The famed tulip bloom, which draws tourists from all over the world, starts in early April. A significant draw is the well-known King's Day carnival, which takes place on April 27.

The "Venice of the North" has an oceanic climate, thus it never gets extremely hot. We adore the concept of a summer city break in Amsterdam while the rest of Europe travels to the beaches of Santorini and Saint-Tropez. While you might have to deal with a few more other travelers, it won't stop you from having an amazing trip.

Early October is characterized by mild temperatures and a wealth of outdoor activities. Don't disregard winter. The shimmering ice canals, holiday mood, and absence of crowds make it a very special time of year, despite the short days and brisk air. Additionally, you might find fantastic offers on hotels and travel.

Things to Know about Netherlands

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch Majority of residents are speaking fluent English

Calling Code Netherlands: +31

Transportation Amsterdam

Trams: The recognizable blue-and-white trams of Amsterdam continue to be a dependable and affordable means to travel through the city's core ($3.80/hour or $9.50/day). At Amsterdam Central Station, the city's primary transit hub, 14 lines are converging.

Buses: With a total of 35 lines, the bus system is both efficient and broad. Getting on a plane? Join the shuttle that travels every 15 minutes between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the city center. Considering a night on the town? While the trams and metros run from 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., night buses are invaluable for transportation needs after dark.

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Ferries: The same company that runs Amsterdam's trams, buses, and metros also runs the city's ferries. Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal) connections cost $1.50 each way. While moped riders, cyclists, and walkers do not need to pay to cross the IJ River by boat.

Metros: The metro system, which has 39 stations and five routes, is the best way to reach the outer suburbs.

Take public transportation instead than driving if you plan to stay in Centrum. To get to some of the outer boroughs, you can easily call an Uber.

Trains: The country of the Netherlands boasts a sophisticated national rail system. Trains from Amsterdam Central Station are a practical and simple choice for day journeys to the countryside and adjacent cities.

Bicycles: Alright, technically, riding a bicycle is not considered to be public transit. But follow local customs when visiting Amsterdam. To go around, you'll need to rent a bike (download Donkey Republic or visit a nearby rental store). It's a fantastic way to explore the city and burn off all of those pannenkoek.

Best Hotels Amsterdam


Things to Do in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum - Perfect Start for your Travel Guide Amsterdam

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Numerous well-known artists were born in the Netherlands. Vincent Van Gogh is the best example of this. The suffering artist's works are on exhibit at the museum bearing his name. Buy tickets in advance if you plan to watch "Sunflowers" while visiting Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum - Travel Guide Amsterdam

Travel Guide Amsterdam

You've probably already realized that Amsterdam is home to several fantastic museums. The Rijksmuseum, which features the works of masters like Rembrandt and historical objects, is a must-visit location for art and history fans.

Anne Frank House

Travel Guide Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House, often recognized as Amsterdam's top tourist destination, offers visitors the chance to learn about the Jewish diarist who hid from the Nazis through World War II through a collection of her writing, photographs, videos, and personal artifacts. Remember that tickets are often sold out months in advance.


Travel Guide Amsterdam

Vondelpark, a vast 47-hectare urban green space in Amsterdam-Zuid, is home to a playground, open-air theater, shaded places, ponds, and bicycle lanes. It transforms into a popular location for afternoon picnics and sunbathing the moment the sun comes out.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Without taking a canal tour, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete. It really is the greatest way to experience the "Venice of the North." Tickets for a larger boat are available, or you can choose something a little more private and romantic, like a private boat run by the Pulitzer Amsterdam.

Visit Heineken Brewery

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Beer had an extremely great year in 1867. In reality, that year saw the construction of Gerard Adriaan Heineken's new brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. Discover the world of Heineken in the center of the old-fashioned brewery. Learn about the history of the business, the brewing process, and Heineken's inventions on a 1.5-hour self-guided tour.

Learn what matters when you want to serve a beer that is well-known around the world. There is a brief English presentation in the factory. Learn about Heineken's four natural components and its sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and Formula 1. Of course, you should end with a Heineken with your new acquaintances.

Neighborhoods to Know in Amsterdam

Travel Guide Amsterdam

De Pijp: De Pijp is a neighborhood south of the center of Amsterdam. This hipster hotspot, formerly a working-class neighborhood, has an urban industrial edge and a bohemian flair. Visit Albert Cuyp Markt to experience its delicacies, and stay for the hip brunch spots, vintage taverns, and modern ateliers.

De Wallen: If cobblestones, er, walls, could communicate... De Wallen would be able to relate stories. Travelers are drawn to Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District by its promise of peep shows, sex shops, cannabis cafes, and nightlife.

Travel Guide Amsterdam

Grachtengordel (Canal Belt): Grachtengordel is frequently seen on postcards in Amsterdam. This charming neighborhood, which is bordered by the Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht canals, is well-known for its vibrant townhomes, upscale hotels, waterfront restaurants, and tourist destinations like the Anne Frank House.

Museumkwartier: Located in the Oud-Zuid neighborhood, Museumkwartier features a variety of institutions, including The Royal Concertgebouw and the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, to mention a few. Numerous upscale jewelry boutiques and designer outposts are also located there.

Jordaan: Arguably the most sought-after district in Centrum, or more precisely, all of Amsterdam, Jordaan is a stunning maze of upscale shops, canals, and quaint cafes.

Weather in Amsterdam

Rising temperatures and clear skies are characteristics of spring. The pleasant and lengthy summer days. Although there may be some humidity, it never gets too hot. Fall weather has a gentle beginning and a crisp finish. Winter has the highest likelihood of precipitation and is chilly, gloomy, and damp.

We hope you enjoyed our Travel Guide Amsterdam and lets visit this beautiful place. Here are some of the best Hotels for your Amsterdam Stay.

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