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London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Updated: Jul 30

London. The city is a bustling hub with everything you could ever want. The only real challenge when visiting the mother of all parliaments is figuring out what you can miss. Actually, the city is too big and full of possibilities for you to see everything in one trip. So you'll need to decide on some difficult options.

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Do you visit Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace? Which amazing grocery or clothes store do you visit? Do you prefer the British Museum or the Tate Modern? What about the numerous bars? And let's not even begin to discuss eateries. Thank goodness, we've compiled a list of things to do in London to make your decision easier.

Tower of London & Tower Bridge

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

You almost likely see Tower Bridge when you think of London, not the London Bridge, which is actually the bridge that is most closely identified with the city. Although the Tower of London has a notorious reputation, few people are aware of how fascinating its past is. Fans of the Tudor era will enjoy retracing Queen Elizabeth I's steps, and free excursions are offered all day long.

National Gallery

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

The National Gallery is home to one of the most amazing collections in the world, which includes works by a staggering number of artists, including Rembrandt, Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, Cézanne, Rubens, Monet, Van Gogh and Monet. Their 2,300-piece collection is periodically rotated, so when you visit, make sure to check out what occasionally-stored treasures are on display.

Hyde Park

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

With its enormous 350-acre size and prime location in the centre of London, Hyde Park is worthy of a full day's attention by itself. It is a wonderfully beautiful and enjoyable place to be, filled with events, historical sites, walking tours, and gardens. It is well-known for its Speakers Corner, a platform for free speech and discussion since 1872.

Highgate Cemetery

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

The 170,000 graves in Highgate Cemetery will fascinate history buffs and ghost hunters alike. It is also a nature reserve, and the grounds are very green, lovely, and appear to have stood the test of time. You can pay your respects at the graves of famous people including Leslie Hutchinson, Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and George Eliot, among many others.

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London Eye

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

The London Eye, often referred to as the Millennium Wheel, offers the finest perspective of the city since that is exactly what it was designed to do. It was built differently than a Ferris wheel because it is an observation wheel. Millions of tourists visit there for a reason—the view from the summit is incredibly breathtaking—despite the fact that it is a little pricey.

Big Ben

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

The renowned clock, which is everyone's must-stop for a classic London Instagram photo and is close to other areas of interest, is a part of most driving and walking excursions. Only UK citizens are permitted on tours of the tower itself.

Westminster Abbey

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Even for those who don't often find history exciting, visiting Gothic Westminster Abbey is a breathtaking and overpowering experience. Since 1066, every coronation of an English monarch has taken place here, and scores of notable people, including Geoffrey Chaucer, The Unknown Warrior, Queen Elizabeth I, Elizabeth of York, and others are buried there as well. In addition, Westminster Abbey honors notable poets, artists, and writers with a number of exquisite memorials.

St. Dunstan in the East

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

St. Dunstan in the East was previously a church and was constructed in 1698. After being firebombed in World War II, the remains were turned into one of the most distinctive and stunning public parks. Even though the park is modest, entering it is like entering a different universe. You won't want to miss taking pictures of the ivy-covered ruins, so bring your camera.

St. James' Park

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

St. James' Park in London, which is immediately next to Buckingham Palace and is ideal for a break after a busy day of sightseeing, is one of its most famous parks. It is renowned for its waterfowl, particularly for its ducks but also for a tiny group of pelicans.

Here are more London Sightseeing - Things to Do - Enjoy it!

Shakespeare's Globe Theater - A Real London Sightseeing

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Shakespeare's Globe, where his whole body of work is played on a rotating basis, is a replica of the old Elizabethan playhouse for which he wrote his plays. Shakespeare's time at the Globe has a significant influence on the plays that are performed there, creating an immersive experience that is unmatched elsewhere.

Buckingham Palace

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Buckingham Palace, located in the center of Westminster, is a magnificent and fantastic (in the meaning of the word) example of historical architecture. The fabled Buckingham Palace is accessible; tours of specific palace rooms are offered.

St. Paul's Cathedral

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

St. Paul's Cathedral, one of London's most well-known landmarks, was built in 1690 and still maintains the majority of its original stained glass. It is renowned for its massive and magnificent mosaics, lofty Gothic architecture, and spacious, lovely Cathedral library.

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British Museum

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

The British Museum is different from the National Gallery in that it is equally a museum of anthropology and art. Collections are arranged according to time period and country of origin, and periodic exhibitions are themed to examine human experiences throughout history. It is worthwhile to check out the special displays because their collection is thought to have approximately 8 million pieces in total, with many items only being removed for particular purposes.

Covent Garden

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

After being founded in 1694, Covent Garden is both a famous market and a neighborhood. Because there are no cars in the center, walking there is convenient and enjoyable. Along with a wide variety of distinctive stores, Covent Garden is also the location of the London Transport Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral, and a number of upscale dining establishments.

Camden Market

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Since its founding in 1791, Camden Market has enchanted visitors to London. Camden Market is packed with stores, cafes, nightlife, and live music, and it is close enough to Regent's Park and the London Zoo that you can walk there.

Borough Market

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, is the adage that applies to London's markets. Large and mostly devoted to food, Borough Market is one of the oldest in the city. There is one portion of the city that predates the 12th century even though it was only officially founded in the 19th. Buy yourself a sandwich and imagine how happy your forefathers would be with your riches.

Oxford Street

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

With over 300 businesses, Oxford Street is one of the biggest shopping districts in Europe, welcoming roughly 500,000 customers daily. Whatever you're looking for, it's likely to be on Oxford Street. Topshop, Dr. Martens, Flying Tiger, Muji, and Selfridges are a few notable retailers.

Carnaby Street

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Carnaby, which is a few streets over from Regent Street, is much shorter and primarily focused on fashion, particularly vintage stores that specialize in clothing from the 1960s. Even though Carnaby Street is narrower, it is no less diverse; there are over 100 stores, eateries, and cafes there.

Regent Street

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

Regent Street, which intersects with Oxford Street and is home to the flagship locations of numerous brands including Burberry, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and more, is similarly remarkable. Londoners could purchase anything they may need on Regent strip, which was designed to be the city's only shopping strip. Regent Street is the first, and some could even argue the best, even though there may be a few more now.

Seven Dials

London Sightseeing - Things to Do

A circular road junction with a slower, more relaxed pace than the rest of London, Seven Dials—sometimes seen as a component of Covent Garden—is genuinely distinctive. The seven sundials at its center gave Seven Dials its name, and there are roughly 90 stores and eateries all around it.

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